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Manhattan software developers bring a simple and affordable path to dynamic custom mobile app creation for local restaurants.

The Fast Bite was created by a group of NYC natives because of their understanding of the monopolistic relationship these local eateries have with the larger third party ordering platforms such as Seamless. The Fast Bite not only gives an alternative to mobile ordering but it will also add value to restaurant owners by improving operations in the kitchen as well as eliminate errors in the order taking process.

In addition to the custom mobile app, The Fast Bite offers an Order Management System (OMS) to track incoming orders from both mobile and online orders. In addition to the OMS they also provide an Administrative Dashboard which allows owners/ managers to not only track the customers favorite items on the menu but they will also be able to communicate desired information to their patrons with a few key strokes from their laptop via Push Notification.

The Fast Bite offers two different types of push notifications they can be sent manually, by sending a special or informing them of an upcoming event, if the owner feels they feel the need to drum up business at slower times. This feature can be used to communicate any kind of desired message to their patrons at any time they feel.

The other version of push notification that will be sent is done through something called “Geo-Promotion”. This kind of notification is sent automatically when the app user enters the desired radius of the location. The way this is possible is that the operator of the Administrative Dashboard can set a specific radius around the location of the restaurant. The program then utilizes the location services or GPS positioning from the users phone and will send a specific message set by the operator. Both of these forms of communication are equally as valuable and both are a standard feature from The Fast Bite.

By tracking your customers likes and dislikes through the administrative dashboard this creates a dynamic business structure when utilizing the information properly. You can gage how to structure your menu and see which promotions and events resonate the most with your customers.

The Fast Bite is available nationwide and you can learn more by visiting or by contacting them directly at (800)407-1188