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Manhattanites Making Dreams Happen for Restaurateurs

Manhattan software developers bring a simple and affordable path to dynamic custom mobile app creation for local restaurants. The Fast Bite was created by a group of NYC natives because of their understanding of the monopolistic relationship these local eateries have with the larger third party ordering platforms..

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Food Tech is the Hottest Investment Amongst Private Equity Fund Big Wigs

Food Tech seems to be the top trending investment of an overwhelming number of big name equity funds over the past couple of months. Over $800M has been pumped into the Food-Tech Industry over the last couple of months (in over 10 different funds) and seems to be growing exponentially with every passing month.

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Effective Digital Ammunition for Restaurants

Every single restaurant in 2015 should already have a mobile responsive website and custom mobile app. Every business in general needs one, but for restaurants in today’s day and age, it is absolutely essential to utilize every digital marketing tool available.

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