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The Fast Biter: An Affiliate program designed to combine all areas of expertise in the food service industry

The Fast Bite is pleased to announce our affiliate program “The Fast Biter”. The foodservice industry is comprised of a large group of different business types that are all share one common complementary business field.

The different providers in this industry are comprised of restaurant consultants and distributors whether they are food wholesalers or equipment retailers and even delivery services. By integrating our services and combining our expertise with current providers, we are allowing our affiliates to offer “the Fast Bite” products and services as part of their own. By becoming an affiliate you not only open a door to a new revenue stream but you will also add value to your existing services and accommodate your loyal customers in an amazing new way.

“The Fast Biter: Affiliate Program” will not only provide you with educational tools to give affiliates a “feature/benefit” pamphlet to improve closing ratios but we will also provide industry specific information to keep you informed of the ever evolving field of food tech.

By keeping you informed of new ideas in the general field and always being open minded to feedback provided by our affiliates we can improve our product as a whole. We plan on changing the game in online ordering forever and would like for you to join us.

If you are interested in becoming a “Fast Biter” email us –