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What Are The Benefits Of Using The Fast Bites Tools And Programs?

It creates an efficient way for the owner/manager of the restaurant to maintain efficiency and stay in contact with their customers to inform them of specials and events that they would extend to valued customers.

How does the contractual obligation work?

The basic contract starts at $50.00 per month with a minimum 1 year commitment. See pricing page for more details.

What Do I Control Through The Back End With The Administrative Dashboard?

Any and every one of your menu items, whether you want to simply update your daily specials, or add a new item altogether. You can also remove any items that you see fit, based on your monthly reports generated from the admin dashboard system.

What if I have to make changes?

You can access your back end options through the Administrative Dashboard.

How Do Geographic Promotions Or "Geo-Promos" Increase Traffic To My Business?

Geographic Promotions can be programmed by your restaurant whenever you want. You get to choose a designated radius around your location(s) to have automatic push notifications sent to all of your app users in the surrounding area.

What Benefit Could Push Notifications Have?

Push notifications give you the ability to communicate with your customers. Whether you want to reach out to your most loyal customers to give them a special deal, or entice your nearby customers to come in for a bite to eat, push notifications are a great tool for any restaurant.

What Could A Custom Mobile App Do For My Restaurant?

A custom mobile app gives you access to all of your customers whenever you want. The ability to be in their pockets 24/7 is an extremely powerful tool. It gives your customers the option to order the way they want, skip the lines, pay in a secure way, receive cross promotions and alerts, benefit from loyalty reward programs, and talk about their experience on social media.

Could I Have Someone From Your Company Be In Charge Of Making Changes For Me?

There are a couple of different options that you, the owner, can choose from our menu of services. The answer, ultimately, is yes you can; have as much or as little involvement as you want. Our systems are easy enough to use and train that you and your staff will be able to make changes but if you want us to we’ll do it all for you.

How Do My Restaurant, Website, And Mobile App Get Promoted?

We provide you with sample in-store marketing collateral to show your customers that you have your very own online ordering platform powered by The Fast Bite. The Fast Bite will help you brand your business further by building your social media pages with your restaurants specific look and feel. We have a vast array of other tools such as our directory and SEO that we use to expand your digital presence. See the restaurant marketing page for more info.

What about Updates And Support?

When you become a member of The Fast Bite’s Network you gain access to our support team and all updates FREE of charge. Over and above that, if you have an idea you want implemented in your app that could benefit our network of users, we will develop it.

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