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IPhone And Android App Development

At Fast Bite, we have the skills and expertise you need to create a unique and enjoyable environment for your customers, which in turn, will increase your restaurant's profits. We've got the talent and expertise to create a mobile app, software, and website with the custom features and integrations you need for food order placement, payment, pickup, and delivery.

Creating a restaurant app can provide ample benefits for both new restaurant company owners who have yet to enter the market and those who are currently operating their restaurant(s) and seeking to enhance their marketing and expansion initiatives. Some of the advantages of developing an App for your restaurant from Fast Bite's specialist team are outlined below.

Payment Terminal System

Convenient order management system: We help you increase your restaurant's revenue with a well-designed, fully scalable, and user-friendly mobile app with a secure and robust order management system. So, this software makes it simple for restaurant owners to manage orders and transactions from various sources, and there is no daily restriction on the number of orders that can be processed.

Better Customer Experience: We offer a well-designed application that seamlessly transitions between locating restaurants, making food item selections, ordering dishes, and making rapid payments, as well as tracking orders until they are delivered, adding appeal and creating a refined user experience. All functionality, including pickup and delivery management, is integrated via well-written APIs, allowing the program to perform all tasks smoothly without interruption.

Brand Value Enhancement: The Fast Bite app offers many customizable features that can be used to promote your restaurant. Our professional team can tailor a solution to your unique business goals and preferences, whether you're looking to promote a restaurant or a brand. We’ll create an app unique to your food business by giving it a distinct look and functioning based on your brand's colors, logo, and other vital features.

Enhanced Payment Processing: The most important stage for a company owner when a user places an online food order is the payment made through the interface. The Fast Bite app accepts payments using a variety of third-party modules, making it possible to pay from any device.

Access To Multiple Locations: People can use the Fast Bite app to find your eatery in multiple locations or cities. With this app installed on phones, your app users can quickly find the closest location of your restaurant to their current location. So, you may rest assured that users will reach your restaurant from various places in order to enjoy your specialized cuisine.

Promo codes or Discounts: Discounts in the form of promo codes are a fantastic way to both retain and gain new clients. The Fast Bite app includes a discount code function that allows you to tailor a coupon code to your unique needs. So, it's easy to promote a sale to your internet clientele once you've set up a discount and coupon code.

Benefits of Loyalty: Fast Bite's restaurant app offers another exciting feature of a ‘loyalty program’ that helps a restaurant owner keep existing customers and draw in new ones. If new customers use this app, they will receive more discounts than other eateries. In addition, customers are more likely to return to an app where they have previously made purchases after receiving push alerts informing them of new discounts.

Feedback or Reviews: This feature of the Fast Bite app transparently shows the ratings and reviews they've gotten for their food and service. This provides a trustworthy environment for clients, as they know both the pros and negatives of a specific eating place. In addition, restaurant owners can use client comments as a guide to better serve their customers.

Customer Reviews

So, overall a Fast Bite App enables restaurants to leverage its features with the power of mobile on iOS and Android platforms. This extraordinary smartphone app uses cutting-edge strategies and technology to establish a platform that promises to meet the needs of all types of eateries. So, if you are planning to have a powerful, user-friendly mobile app for Android or iOS, there is no day like today to have it.

What People Are Saying

I had The Fast Bite develop my new website for my restaurant Krave It Sandwich Shop & Eatery, and they made me a Mobile App for iOS and Android too. It was one of the best decisions I have made for my restaurant. Commission free ordering means that all I keep all my profits. Now whenever a customer orders from a third party I just have my staff tell them to order directly through my site/app.

V. Mandahar

We implemented The Fast Bite service for our Bakery. Now it is super easy for our customers to order cakes and more while on the go. Our site is completely responsive and our business has definitely increased. It is incredible that we don't have to pay a percentage on orders.

H. Krystopolis

We have every order online platform, but when we found The Fast Bite everything changed. They care about your restaurant and make sure your brand comes first. It is an excellent tool for order management and marketing. Every restaurant should have this service, it is so cost effective. My restaurant now has a website and mobile app we can promote and be proud of!

B. Siren