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Mobile App

The Fast Bite is a mobile application that provides restaurant owners a customized platform to communicate with existing customers, raise brand awareness, and increase traffic and revenue for their venues. In the crowded marketplace of apps, Fast Bite differentiates with its ability to be customized. A venue’s logo, messaging, and graphics will exclusively skin the platform to create a dedicated, virtual environment for each particular venue.

How Does This Customized Experience Work?

The Fast Bite will send push notifications about a particular venue, manually or automatically via geo-promotion, direct to iPhone and Android users’ mobile devices. Geo-Promotion utilizes the location services on users’ mobile devices so the Fast Bite can offer nearby restaurant recommendations and promotions. Based on a user’s location, he/she will receive specific push notifications that deliver promotions like lunch specials, specified discounts, or seasonal offers. This function of the app will be the most efficient way to deliver promotional messages and reach existing and new customers at the time when it matters most.

Snail mail and even email is slowly but surely becoming a dated way to send promotions. Post cards, larger mailers, and email blasts often get lost in the shuffle. When a promotion is lost so is a potential sale lost. With the current condition of the economy, no business owner wants or should lose the opportunity to reach a customer.

We at the Fast Bite will provide barcoded promotional materials for the desired timeframe based on the plan and contract agreed upon. The Fast Bite anticipates profitable results for all partners and we welcome suggestions that will benefit the users’ experiences and therefore owner’s results. We are eager to work together so the partnership is mutually beneficial.

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